In-house Training – The Benefits

In-house training has the potential to positively impact employee learning and development. It is a cost effective, encouraged, effective method for training of your employees. Such training is provided at the work place, from informal or formal coaches and mentors, during internal seminars, or conferences. Such training can be custom made to address the specific needs of the company and employees whilst exposing the employees to practices, regulations and policies which may further enhance their development. Twenty One Law offers a number of In-house training sessions on a number of topics, others can be custom made according to the employer’s request.

6 pros of In-house training

  • Convenience – sessions are fit around the company’s working schedule and at a location employees come to everyday.
  • Cost saving – the cost per participant is much less when compared to sending the same number of employees to a public training courses.
  • Customised training – having the employees grouped together allows all of the training and learning to be focused on your company and can discussion revolves around real and current practices.
  • More specific – running a training course for a one company allows the training to focus on specific items that are causing issues within the business.
  • No Travel Cost – no need for employees to travel any further than their offices and incur extra costs and loose time to get to the training venue and back.
  • Team Building – employees from different departments in the same room encourage greater team work, awareness and understanding of each other’s role.

At Twenty One Law we deliver custom made in-house training programmes which are:

  • Flexible – courses can be delivered at your premises to your specifications and at a time and date that works for you.
  • Private – we offer the opportunity to discuss sensitive subjects that you may not be able to discuss in a public course, such as competitor issues or challenges within the business.
  • Tailored – we will work with you to identify relevant training courses from our existing course list or else we can design and develop bespoke courses to your organisation’s needs, ranging from 2 hour sessions spread on a number of days to half a day or full day sessions.

Expertly delivered – all our courses are delivered by professional personnel with years of experience in the sector.