2018 World Cup – football and the workplace!

Today the World Cup starts and this will go on until Sunday 15th July. Surely a number of employees would want to watch or at least somehow follow the matches. Some of your employees may have already booked leave or are planning too whilst others may follow what is going on through the internet – hence their own device or the PC at work.

You may have already spoken to your employees to see what the level of interest is. If not you may want to do so as soon as possible so that you can see how you can plan for this event. If a number of employees request for leave and you are going to accommodate this request, then remember to consider them fairly and make sure that you line of reasoning is consistent to other big events in allowing people to take time off – not all your employees may be football fans.

It would also be advisable to monitor your sickness absence and patterns even more closely during this period.   And if  any unauthorised absence is taken by any employee you then need to proceed with the necessary disciplinary proceedings.

During the World Cup, there may be an rise in employees using social networking sites, or particular websites or pages on the internet.

You may wish to remind staff of any policies in relation to the use of social networking and websites during working hours.

In summary you may just want to ensure that your staff know what you expect from them during this period. Make it clear so you won’t get the typical “I did not know” response!