Changes to Employment Law – Laws suspended – 21st August 2018 – Keep following this blog to stay updated

Whilst the sun shines new legal notices have been introduced and it is important that we are all well versed with what has been introduced…changes which will impact employers and employees.

Here are the legal notices have been introduced:

  • Legal Notice 271 of 2018 – Annual Leave National Standard Order – this deals with the minimum requirements of annual leave.

This deals with accrual of annual leave during maternity leave, sick leave and injury leave as well as cancellation of annual leave (nope it cannot be unilateral!) and a very particular change will take effect as from 1st January 2019 and this deals with shut down periods not to exceed 12 working days and need to be published by January in any given year.

Furthermore we see further protection for women out on maternity leave – Public holidays are to be added to the employee’s leave entitlement which she could not avail of because she was on maternity leave.


  • Legal Notice 272 of 2018 – Temporary Agency Workers (Amendment) Regulations, 2018

 A very much needed clarification is made in these Regulations. Therefore if there are other employees doing the same/similar work as those placed or seconded to that same organisation, then such employees have to be paid the same.


  • Legal Notice 273 of 2018 Transfer of Business (Protection of Employment) (Amendment) Regulations, 2018

This law will only have an impact in the case of any business transfer and here we do not see any major changes (indirectly deals with cross border transfers) however we see the introduction of a new proviso which states:

“Provided further that during any kind of negotiations leading to a case of transfer of undertakings in terms of these regulations, the conditions of employment of the employees affected by the transfer shall remain unchanged.”.


  • Legal Notice 274 of 2018 Itemised Payslip Regulations – as clearly indicated by the title of the Regulation this deals with what needs to be included in the payslip. This is also important for accountants/accounts department to know. The law makes it clear what a payslip needs to contain.


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