2nd Intake – GDPR for Local Councils


Following the response for this courses first intake 21 Law is pleased to announce that it has, in collaboration with the National Association for Local Council and Regional Executive Secretaries (ANSEK), decided to organise a second similar course to make up for the huge demand.

The main learning objectives include the following:

  • Understanding GDPR
  • Understanding the new requirements brought by the GDPR and how to implement such requirements.
  • Learning the skills to support the local council in implementing and assessing these new requirements
  • Acquire a broad expertise in the context of personal data protection

Duration: 2 lectures – 8 contact hours

Dates: Lecture 1 – Tuesday 22nd January & Lecture 2 – Thursday 31st January, 2019

Time: Registration 8.45 to 13.00 (break included).

Type of course: Interactive / Room set up: Board room style / Limited places available

Venue: 21 Business Centre, Naxxar

This short course is for a limited number of people hence ensuring that participants have a chance to ask questions and making sure that the course is interactive. The aim of the course is to make sure that those involved in local councils learn how to adapt the local council to be GDPR-compliant and be able to understand and implement the necessary policy and procedures.

The main learning objectives include the following:

  • Developing an in-depth knowledge of methods and notions required in actual alignment with GDPR
  • Understanding the new requirements brought by the GDPR and how to implement such requirements.
  • Learning the skills to support an organisation in implementation and assessment of these new requirements.

Cost: €175 + VAT

Detailed Time-Table

Lecture 1 – Tuesday 22nd January, 2019

  • Background on GDPR
  • What constitutes personal data.
  • The 6 data protection principles – applying them and showing compliance.
  • Data Subject Right-handling them

Lecture 2 – Thursday 31st January, 2019

  • Policies and Procedures – putting things in place / updating
  • The role of the controller
  • The role of the processor
  • The relationship between the controller and the processor
  • Dealing with IT and Security
  • Recording and Reporting breaches.


Dr Roselyn Borg

Dr. Borg is a dual qualified lawyer specialising in employment law. Dr. Borg graduated as a lawyer in 2002 and practised employment law with the Malta Employers’ Association until 2006, when she moved to the UK where she pursued her studies in the UK. She obtained a Masters degree and also qualified as a solicitor. She then set up her own boutique law firm in UK, specialising in employment law. In 2012 she moved back to Malta and set up 21 law, also a practice specialising in employment law. Dr Borg  still practices law in both countries and she concentrates primarily on disputes concerning employment matters and represents both employers and employees in Industrial Tribunal cases.

She has over 15 years’ experience working locally and overseas. She has developed and delivered training programmes and has advised a number of employers on various employment law issues including data protection matters.

Mr Angelito Sciberras

Having successfully completed his studies in Medical Laboratory Technology Angelito worked in Health Care followed by years in Journalism, Marketing, Sports and Administration fields. He was also a local councillor for 6 years. Has a vast experience in Human Resources, Customer Care and Event Management. Angelito has developed and delivered training programmes for employees in the IT field. He also has a Diploma from the University of Malta in Maltese Proof Reading.  He has hands on experience with HR databases, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Candidate Management Systems. He is the Chief Business Officer at 21 Law where he is responsible for the administrative, financial, and operations management of the firm. He is also a director at Advisory 21 and has lately co-authored the book GDPR for HR Professionals and given a number of lectures and training sessions on GDPR. He is currently widening his horizons by reading for a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Malta.