Green Light Given for Work-Life Directive

The Work-Life Balance directive will introduce a ten (10) day paternity leave to fathers following the birth of the child. The agreement stipulates that the leave will be compensated at the level of sick pay. This effectively means that once it becomes law, fathers will no longer be limited to the one (1) paid day of birth leave, as it presently stands.

The Directive will also strengthen the four (4) months parental leave, by making two (2) months non-transferable between parents, meaning that two (2) months are to be taken by the father and another two (2) months to be taken by the mother.  In Malta, such leave is currently unpaid.

Another measure to be introduced is the right for employees to request flexible working hours. Carer’s leave will also be catered for, by providing five (5) days per worker per year.

The new work-life balance rules have been described in a statement by the European Commission as being “fit for purpose in the 21st century”, to provide equal opportunities to working women and men, allowing them to share family responsibilities.

More information about this directive will be delivered during our Wednesday Workshop being held on the 29th May, 2019 – Diversity and Inclusion.