Wednesday’s Workshops for the rest of 2019

Following the success of the first 6 workshops held in the first half of 2019, 21 Law together with Advisory 21 will be organising another set of three Wednesdays’ Workshops for the remainder of 2019 starting in September. These will be held on the 25th September, 30th October and 13th November. Booking for each workshop is €55 + VAT but anyone booking for the 3 workshops, even if attended by 3 different participants, will benefit from a special price of €45 + VAT per workshop.

The 3 workshops are:

Payroll Basics
2020 HR Trends – Looking Ahead!
Employment Benefits: A Win-Win Solution

These workshops are being supported by BOV, Buddy and Square Consulting.

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Payroll Basics
Date: Wednesday, 25th September 2019
Time: 9.00 to noon (coffee break included)
Speaker: Ms Lynn McCormick

This workshop is recommended for those individuals, particularly those working in Human Resources or Finance, who would like to have basic knowledge on payroll. Preparing the individuals to focus on taxation process, social security, payslips, and the relationship of payroll with business systems.

Learning outcomes

  • Introduction to Payroll
  • List number of mandatory records necessary for Payroll
  • Documentation of employee’s payroll records
  • Record and insert data from time sheets/ vacation sheets correctly
  • An overview of the various income tax, social security & maternity funds contributions
  • Government bonuses
  • Processing of termination payments correctly within stipulated time
  • Preparation of payslip; identifying the difference between gross pay and net pay
  • Adhere to the government law effecting the payroll process
  • Completion and filing of various FSS records

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2020 HR Trends – Looking Ahead!
Date: Wednesday, 30th October 2019
Time: 9.00 to noon (coffee break included)
Speakers: Dr Roselyn Borg & Mr Angelito Sciberras

In this workshop we will be discussing the latest HR Trends and the actual implications from an employment law perspective. Keeping up to date and also planning ahead is key for an HR professional who wants to stay on top of the game as well as attract and retain the best talent. The aim of the workshop is to give an overview of the latest trends and this workshop will be held in an interactive way allowing HR professionals to express their challenges as well as discuss together their experiences and views.

This workshop will mainly cover the following topics:

  • On the Job Training becomes standard
  • Technology based HR, Chatbots, Software, VR* & HR
  • Flexible Work Arrangements, Gig economy and remote working
  • Data Driven HR, HR Analytics
  • Inhouse recruiting vs recruitment agencies
  • Virtual Reality

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Employment Benefits: A Win-Win Solution
Date: Wednesday, 13th November 2019
Time: 9.00 to noon (coffee break included)
Speakers: Mr Antoine P. Portelli

Employees and Employers work together for the benefit of the organisation, and the employees’ enrichment. Be it monetary, intellectual, quality of life enhancement, or cultural, employees seek to maximise their takings from any organisation. Likewise, Employers have to thrive to benefit from their investment and use all resources to grow the organisation and post better profits.

Within this scenario, the workshop will touch upon the various employment benefits existent in the Maltese context. It will also analyse the best practices applied by Maltese organisations, and the issues that such benefits create. The legal framework regulating such benefits, and the fiscal impact thereof will also be discussed.

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