Law amendment – quarantine leave

This is a guidance note and does not impart legal advice and in view of constant developments answers may need to be updated.

Legal notice amended
The Minimum special leave entitlement regulations had been amended to provide for quarantine leave.

On this legal notice quarantine leave is defined as follows :

leave  to  be  granted  to  the employee  without  loss  of  wages  in  such cases where the employee is legally obliged to abide by a quarantine order confining the employee to a certain area or to certain premises as determined by the Superintendent of Public Health under the Public Health Act or by any public authority under any other law

Legal Notice
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Questions raised?
Now this raises questions and the most crucial question that comes to mind is what if an employee goes away (non essential travel) and such travel requires quarantine ?

The other question is – does this apply from today ?

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